Weekly Weavings

“In the tapestry of life we are all connected. Each one of us is a gift to those around us,
helping each other to be who we are, weaving a perfect picture together.”
~ Anita Moorjani

Weekly Weaving Call ~ Recordings

This is where we post the recordings of our Weekly Weaving community video calls hosted live on Zoom.

You are invited to join us live on these calls, held on Wednesday afternoons in the US, Thursday mornings in Australia. Call details, theme for the week, and zoom link are posted each week as an Event on the Grail Leadership facebook page. The calls are also live-streamed to the Facebook page if you'd prefer to watch there. 

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Weekly Weaving 23
Emerging Self-Leadership

Humanity is making a transition from top-down hierarchical leadership to self-leadership. What does self-leadership look like in a co-creative field? 

Weekly Weaving 22
Embodying True Leadership

How do you embody true leadership during these times of uncertainty, confusion and hysteria? What leadership qualities are you desiring for the world?

Weekly Weaving 21
Finding Your Center

How do you find the space of awareness and safety & security within yourself in the midst of the swirling chaos that feels like a collective storm? 

Weekly Weaving 20
Sovereignty in Co-Creating

What does sovereignty feel like to you, and how can you maintain your unique essence in business collaborations or any co-creative field?

Weekly Weaving 19
Sackett Farm Initiative

Spotlight support for Amy Eiken's round table initiative for her family's Sackett Farm and vision to create community well-being while healing the land

Weekly Weaving 18
What's Alive for You Now?

Taking the pulse and sharing what's happening in our worlds with the community, as we gain clarity and notice themes in the collective

Weekly Weaving 17
Round Table Initiatives

Julia, Dawn & Holly share "behind the scenes" reflections, and invite others, of what it feels like to be co-creating an organization at a round table.

Weekly Weaving 16: Dawn's Appreciation Roundtable

Spotlight support for Dawn's vision to gather a round table of Appreciation for women who are supporting girls and young women in her home town.

Weekly Weaving 15
Water Sovereignty Initiative

Spotlight support for Julia McKeowen's Water Sovereignty round table initiative ~ to appreciate the sovereignty of water and all the ways it touches our lives. 

Weekly Weaving 14
Focused Action for 2020

Tuning in to the needs and desires of Grail Leadership ~ and of humanity and the Earth ~ as we focus our energy and intentions in 2020 on three key areas.

Weekly Weaving 13
Speaking Needs & Desires

Speaking our needs & desires into the Grail field where they can be held without judgment, and the potential for true needs to be met is amplified.

Weekly Weaving 12
Appreciating Australia

Appreciating the sovereignty and creator power of Earth ~ and how that is connected to our own personal & collective sovereignty and evolution.

Weekly Weaving 11
Magic, Magik & Natural Flow

Magic is your natural state ~ the real, organic magik that doesn’t require tricks nor illusion, simply the act of surrender into the weaving and flow of Nature...

Weekly Weaving 10
Mutual Thriving

Moving beyond merely surviving into a state of thriving. A true state of thriving lies beyond a focus on the individual self and yet absolutely includes the self.

Weekly Weaving 9

The practice and art of growing in awareness of who you truly are and owning your unique genius, thereby creating more self-sovereignty.

Weekly Weaving 8
Spiral Revenue Sharing

New-paradigm model for sharing resources and revenues ~ where the flow of giving and receiving is rooted in abundance and mutual thriving.

Weekly Weaving 7
True for You Now

Open community call hosted by Dawn and Julia, asking this powerful question: What's true for you right now,
in this moment?

Weekly Weaving 6
Subtle Energies

Dawn and Julia hosting a co-creative experience, delving into appreciation of the subtle energies and how this relates to truth, freedom and sovereignty.

Weekly Weaving 5
Playfield Values

A co-creative experience to forge our Values as a community, expressing clear intentions about what the Playfield is and how we want to play together!

Weekly Weaving 4
Round Table Initiatives

Round Table Initiatives are at the heart of Grail Leadership, and a key part of its Original Intention. Holly shares a brief overview of her vision for them.

Weekly Weaving 3
WTF Do These Words Mean?

Words have power. We are taking a very light-hearted look at some of the words we've been using to describe Grail Leadership principles and ideas.

Weekly Weaving 2
New-Paradigm Leadership

The various types of new-paradigm leadership we are seeing embodied in ourselves and in others: Maverick, Visionary, Emerging, and more ....

Weekly Weaving 1
Original Intention

A foundational principle of Grail Leadership ~ Original Intention and the power that it contains for our individual selves and for our initiatives.


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