55% Food Sovereignty in Boulder by 2025


“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all.
It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life.
Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.”
~ Wendell Berry

55% Food Sovereignty in Boulder by 2025

Boulder is a natural food lovers' haven. And yet ... only two percent of our food is grown locally. A full 98% of our food is imported from outside the region.

What if we could turn that number inside out and reach 55% food sovereignty in the Boulder Front Range region by 2025? 

Here is a description of my proposed Round Table Initiative.

Name: Holly McCann

Email address: [email protected]

City, State, Country: Boulder, Colorado, USA

InitiativePlease provide the name and a brief description of your initiative.

55% Food Sovereignty in Boulder by 2025 ~ an initiative to bring together a Sovereign United Network of organizations who are instrumental in shifting the Boulder County region from our current state ~ importing 98% of our food ~ to an average of 55% of the food consumed in Boulder County being sourced from within the Front Range Urban Corridor (our regional foodshed), with the vast majority of that food being grown and produced using regenerative (organic, beyond organic, biodynamic) practices.

ImpactHow does your initiative contribute to the mutual thriving of people and/or the Earth?

Supports local farmers; heals the microbiome in our soil; healthy soil leads to dramatic positive impact on air quality, water retention and mitigation of both drought and flooding, and the biodiversity of plants, animals and insects; sequesters a tremendous amount of carbon; heals the microbiome in our guts; increases the physical health of our population; increases the financial health of local farmers and producers; builds resiliency and the capacity to withstand environmental and societal challenges; brings people together from many sectors using a holistic approach, increasing collaboration, co-creation and emotional health; weaves community together in a way that serves individuals and the whole; serves as a prototype for what is possible in communities around the world, restoring our connection to each other, to ourselves, and the land.

ScaleIs this a Round Table initiative or a Sovereign United Network initiative?

Sovereign United Network (the seats around the table are/will be filled with multiple stakeholders ~ organizations and/or individuals ~ who each contribute their unique genius to a shared initiative)

PhaseWhat phase best describes your initiative/organization currently?
This is currently in the Powerful Idea phase

Original IntentionPlease describe as best you can right now the Original Intention of your initiative.

Co-creating a resilient, regenerative community of mutual thriving in Boulder County
by dramatically increasing the amount of food we grow, produce and consume locally,
with a focus on the overall health of the soil, food, producers and consumers,
by using a whole-systems approach to form a Sovereign United Network of
the key players who contribute in a meaningful, high-impact way
to a shared vision of 55% food sovereignty in Boulder County by 2025

Your roleWhat is your current role in the initiative/organization?

Visionary & Catalyst

Essential GeniusWhat is your Essential Genius that you are bringing to the round table?

Whole-systems thinking, dot-connecting and pattern recognition. Ability to tune into the genius of an organization and see how it could synergize with the genius of other organizations around a shared intention. Eternal optimism. Willingness and capacity to hold, and clearly communicate, the vision of an unreasonably audacious initiative ~ and the willingness to jump in and serve as a catalyst, grounding the vision in this reality.

Additional Seats at the Round TableAre other people currently involved in your organization? If yes, please share a brief overview of their roles and/or the governance of your organization.

Julia McKeowen and Dawn Nocera ~ Founding Co-Creators of Grail Leadership
Our organization is a round table of sovereign unity, where we are share resources and revenues using a Spiral Revenue Sharing model.

Synergistic organizationsWhat other organizations are impacting and/or impacted by your initiative (contributing, connected, meeting a related need, etc.)?

These are the organizations that I see as participants in the round table, Sovereign United Network:

  • Local organic and biodynamic farms, dairies, ranches, gardens, and orchards
  • Farmers markets (including Boulder and Longmont)
  • Natural grocery retailers
  • Farm-to-table restaurants
  • CSA members
  • City of Boulder ~ Open Space and Mountain Parks
  • Boulder County ~ Parks and Open Space Agricultural Resources Division
  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Soil specialists (Waste Farmers, Maxfield’s)
  • Zero waste ~ Eco-Cycle
  • Local initiatives
    • Mad Agriculture
    • Slow Money, SOIL (Slow Opportunities for Investing Locally)
    • Naturally Boulder
    • Community Foundation Boulder County
    • Slow Food Boulder County
    • Seeds ~ MASA Seeds, Hardy Seeds, Lineage Seeds
    • Urban gardening & micro-farming ~ Boundless Landscapes
    • Economy for the Common Good
  • more…..

What’s in the wayWhat are the current disguised opportunities (aka challenges and/or limiting beliefs) you see that may be impeding the flow of nature in your initiative?

  • Attracting the attention of people who are very busy and immersed in their individual businesses, organizations and initiatives
  • Attracting people who are ready to jump in whole-heartedly to a very new {and, as yet, unproven} way of interacting and doing business together in a field of trust and co-creation ~ and who do not require “proof” that this will generate a positive impact
  • My own small voices of doubt and overwhelm {and my responses from a voice that comes from a deep, calm place within me}
    • Is this crazy and overly optimistic? {Yes, and… current times are calling for audacious, out-of-the-box initiatives; plus, this is precisely why I am so excited by it!}
    • Could this really work? {No guarantees. Trust the feeling of being so lit up by the vision and the consistency with which it has repeatedly surfaced over several years. No need to fear failure. It’s all an experiment. We’ll never know unless we try….}
    • Where and how do I/we begin to move this forward in a meaningful way? {Continue to listen for the one next step. Continue to reach out and invite conversations with key players. Continue to give and serve from my genius zone without any expectation or attachment to receiving anything in return.}

Needs & DesiresAs best as you can see right now, what are the key areas of Genius (in individuals and/or organizations), resources, and/or support that you want/need to attract to be able to fulfill the Original Intention of your initiative?

  • at least one person from each of the above listed synergistic organizations
  • operational & administrative contributors
  • finance, accounting, tax & bookkeeping service providers
  • legal & organizational service providers
  • technology & alternative currency platforms ~ Producers Market, Holochain
  • philanthropic people who are inspired and motivated to contribute financial and other resources to catalyze and nurture this initiative
  • people in the finance world (venture capital, alternative currency, start-up incubators) who desire to make an impact by investing in regenerative, multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • people who are knowledgeable about regenerative community investment funds and other new-paradigm financial models

What else?Please add any images, links to web pages and/or attachments that help tell the story of your initiative.



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