“Synchronicity occurs at the intersection of your awareness, response, perspective, and action.”
~ Andrea Goeglein

We are all about that magical intersection point where the offering of unique genius by a person or organization matches up with a need of another person or organization, in just the right timing.  

Offerings ~ how may we serve you?

This is the place where Holly, Dawn & Julia present offerings from our unique genius, fulfilling our original intentions by supporting you in contributing your greatest gifts and making the impact you are here to make for humanity and the earth. 

Self-Appreciation Experiences

The Next SASA Group begins October 13, 2020
Facilitated By Dawn Nocera

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is
the work we do when we want to connect with and 
express ourselves at the deepest layers of our being.


Subtle Energy Fine-Tune

Tune in to subtle energies to 

express your natural genius,

remember your original intention

and know yourself as a magikal being


Your Activation Code 

Discover the extraordinary energy of your unique genius ~
3 options for exploring the energy that
your soul essence activates within yourself and others,
and that generates your personal attractor field.


What style of leadership are you embodying?

We all have aspects of these leadership styles in varying degrees at any given time. Where do you most find yourself now?


Join us in the Playfield

We are so excited to see you and your essential genius playing full out. Meet you there (or, here)....