“Synchronicity occurs at the intersection of your awareness, response, perspective, and action.”
~ Andrea Goeglein

We are all about that magical intersection point where the offering of unique genius by a person or organization matches up with a need of another person or organization, in just the right timing.  

As we move further and further into our Genius Zone, we need the support of others who can...

  • reflect back to us our essential genius, which is often nearly impossible to see in ourselves
  • help us gain more clarity around our original intention and the impact we are here to make
  • assist us in bringing all the many pieces of our large vision into alignment with ourselves, our organizations, and with the grace and ease that exists in the flow of nature

What style of leadership are you embodying?

We all have aspects of these leadership styles in varying degrees at any given time. Where do you most find yourself now?

Offerings ~ how may we serve you?

This is the place where Holly, Dawn & Julia present offerings from their unique genius, fulfilling their original intentions by serving you in contributing your greatest gifts and making the impact you are here to make for humanity and the earth. 

Subtle Energy Fine-Tune

Subtle Energies show us what's operating behind anything, the driving force from a grand perspective.  Once you have this clarity and view point, you can see the situation for what it really is and move forward with joy, ease and excitement!

Remove Obstacles To:

~ Unleash Your Natural Flow

~ Align With Your Original Intention

~ Express From Your Genius Zone

~ Know Yourself As A Magikal Being!


Activation Code Session

Tune in to the extraordinary energy of your soul

Your soul energy is your greatest genius and greatest gift to the world.

An Activation Code session is a 90-minute deep, fun, and truth-filled conversation with Dawn about your specific Soul Energy. This will help support you in understanding your personal attractor field so you can courageously and boldly claim the magic of what it means to be you.



Join us in the Playfield

We are so excited to see you and your essential genius playing full out. Meet you there (or, here)....