Heroic Journey


“The hero’s journey is up and out, with a big splash, to the light, while the heroine’s journey is down and in, to the cave.”
~ Maureen Murdock


Join us on a mythical journey and deep remembrance of your soul essence and your relationship to Earth, the Cosmos and Humanity.

Holly McCann, the visionary and co-founder of Grail Leadership, was deep in creation mode for two months, putting together a powerful presentation of her insights to share with you, including:

  • the greater context of our epic trek through the universe as humans, and how we came to be here in co-creation with Earth;
  • the quest for the Wholly Grail, weaving in the Hero’s Journey and Heroine’s Journey, and perfectly capturing the more recent feminine energies rising into “right” relationship with power;
  • the opportunity to truly step into our power and know ourselves as sovereignly united creator beings;
  • the massive role we are here to play in co-creation with each other and Earth; and
  • more insight into Grail Leadership, why it has come into being, and how it’s birthing new beginnings for humanity.

Video Presentation


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Want to express your appreciation and support?

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