Grail Genius Activation

“What is called genius is the abundance of life and health.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

What do we mean by Activation?

An activation awakens, turns on and enlivens something that is already within you ~ making accessible an energy or gift that you might have forgotten is an essential part of your true organic nature. 

What is the Grail Genius?

Grail Genius is the collective of wisdom and energies that flow through the Wholly Grail field that we are all co-creating. The combined genius contains wisdom beyond that of any one individual, generating its own magik.

Grail Genius Activation

A Grail Genius Activation is an offering by Holly, Dawn and/or Julia, inspired by tapping into a particular theme or energy that’s present and alive in the field, and opening an intentional container to activate and amplify these energies. 

During this process, your genius ~ the unique essence of you ~ is activated and contributes a vital piece of a greater whole, an empowering experience for you and everyone present!

This can illuminate subconscious beliefs, shift subtle energies, and ignite insights and breakthroughs in key areas of your life and leadership ~ freeing you up to integrate, embody and express more of your genius in the world.

Below is the current Grail Genius Activation on offer.  If this theme is alive in you too, we invite you to step through the doorway to receive and be activated in this facet of Grail genius.

Activating Your Money Sovereignty

Reclaim your sovereignty & unconditional abundance
and create a new allyship with money

We are unplugging from conventional ways of receiving money, which to some degree have had a hold over us. Together we are building a new paradigm where we experience our Sovereignty ~ not from money, but with Money. We appreciate and honour your courage, fellow pioneer ~ we know what it takes!

In this activation series, you'll be invited to illuminate and explore anything money-related that impacts you in making conscious choices from a place of freedom, and to:

  • witness and appreciate your stories, beliefs, and unique experiences relating to money
  • connect to the feeling states you have when interacting with money, including how you believe your money situation defines you
  • notice the information and feedback your money experiences provide, and any ways you project your needs, desires, sense of security and power onto money
  • move beyond labels of “right” and “wrong” into a field where you see the greater meaning and truth of your experiences, making space for new creations
  • remember your true currency and what brings you joy, vitality and love of life to use as your personal drivers in navigating any money challenges moving forward

Money Sovereignty Series Details

The series is co~facilitated by Holly, Dawn and Julia.  Over the three sessions, we are creating spaciousness for the organic unfolding of the above experiences, and trust that whichever sessions you join us for is perfect for you and your journey of Activating Your Money Sovereignty.

We will be meeting live online via Zoom in a series of three 2 hour sessions. Choose whatever works for you ~ register for one, two or all three activation sessions. 

US Dates & Times
March 3, 2020 (Completed) / March 10, 2020  (Completed) | March 17, 2020 (Completed)

3pm - 5pm Pacific (San Francisco, Seattle)
4pm - 6pm Mountain (Boulder/Denver)
6pm - 8pm Eastern (New York, Ohio)

Australia Dates & Times
March 4, 2020 (Completed) | March 11, 2020 (Completed) | March 18, 2020 (Completed)

6am - 8am Perth
8am - 10am Brisbane
9am - 11am Sydney, Melbourne {Daylight Savings}

You will receive an email with more details, including the Zoom link and some optional pre-session contemplations, after registration.


Activate Your Money Sovereignty
Series of 3 Grail Genius Activation sessions



$49 AUD

March 3, 2020
(March 4th in Australia)




$49 AUD

March 10, 2020
(March 11th in Australia)




$49 AUD

March 17, 2020
(March 18th in Australia)




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