LIVE & Soul Expressed in 21 Days!

Facebook Live Challenge And Community For Leaders And Magik Weavers ~ 21 Oct 2019

Welcome To An Adventure Where You Are Truly Seen And Supported By A Community Of Fellow Visionary, Maverick and Emerging Leaders As You Become Fully Soul Expressed!

Facebook Lives are a fun, powerful and creative way to share your story, build connections based on trust and attract new clients into your Business, Project or Cause.

This 21 Day Live Experience will support you in removing all barriers to showing up on Facebook Live Transmission and sharing your message in a way that feels great! 

It's Perfect If You:

  • Have a Message, Cause, Program or Service that you are passionate about sharing.
  • Are curious about using Video to share content and promote your programs and services
  • Are looking to create an easy and natural pathway for viewers to take the next step in working with you.
  • Want to overcome your fears and resistance to Video and Lives with the support of a community.
  • Want to improve your Story-Telling abilities.
  • Are at Beginner-Intermediate level of producing Videos and going Live

Watch Julia's video to find out how you can leverage the power of Facebook Live transmission to support your Business, Project or Cause.

Boldly And Authentically Share Your Message From Your Genius Zone Using Live Transmission



What's Involved Daily…

  1. Watch Julia's Live Training Videos in the Facebook Group (21 in Total)
  2. For 21 days GO LIVE or upload a video in the Community (for privacy as you practice) or onto your Business/Personal Page, then share into the Community (a safe and sacred space to openly share about your experiences)
  3. I recommend that you briefly view Lives from your fellow participants and support them through your engagement. This comes back to you ten-fold and you will learn so much from their experience too!

From me, you will receive daily Live Training Videos to guide and support you in:

  • Getting started, overcoming your fears of Video and going Live.
  • A HUGE mindset and energetic shift around Visibility and Self-Promotion via the method of Video.
  • Helping you create a powerful theme for the 21 Days, from your Genius you are passionate, excited to share and naturally giving your audience and experience of your Magik!
  • Sharing authentically and naturally from the Heart.
  • How to make your videos more engaging, deepen relationships and build trustworthy connections with your audience.
  • The components that make up a powerful video that a) impacts your audience and b) encourages them to take the next step in working with you!

From each other, you will receive:

  • A cheer squad and support through engagement of your videos/lives
  • A community of fellow participants that can hold space for your growth, transformation of your 21 day journey.

From you, we request:

  • Your presence, as we want to play with you!
  • To honor the commitment to yourself and do your best to share your Live/Video every day for 21 days AND connect with us!

This is how you receive full value from the experience, for you and your Business, Cause or Project.

Sincere Words

Hear what other community members have shared about their experience of the 21 Day Facebook Live Challenge



We kick off October 21st 10:00am +GMT10 (AEST)



Daily Video Training Videos For Guidance

VLOG Activity Book

Ongoing Access to Facebook Group For Support





1 hr Consult With Julia (Valued at $222USD)

Daily Video Training Videos For Guidance

VLOG Activity Book

Ongoing Access to Facebook Group For Support


You may be wondering...

The short answer is no...however, 21 days builds a healthy habit of turning up for your Soul Business.
It also stretches you to turn up when you don't feel like it so you are able to show ALL sides of you (even we your not feeling your best!) This is key to creating authentic connections and bursting the bubble of fake lifestyles portrayed by social media. Your potential clients need to see you challenged because they experience challenges too!

AND Going Live daily helps you build momentum and easily lead people into your upcoming program.

It builds a strong connection and trust with your viewers who end up following you for the entire journey :-)

NO you don't HAVE to go Live every day for 21 days, this is 100% up to you (your rules hehehe!). If you have already completed a challenge you may want to now intuitively turn up on the days you feel called to share AND be responsible for stretching your own comfort zone at the same time!

No experience is necessary!

This is for beginners to intermediate level of Videos and Lives Transmission. 

  1. A smartphone that you can either record videos and upload or Go Live
  2. An active Facebook Account
  3. Headphones and a selfie stick or tripod are a bonus to improve the video quality, but these are not essential items.  

The choice is yours!

You can experience the entire challenge in a safe and sacred space (a closed Facebook Group) and no-one outside of this community can see your videos/Lives.

Alternatively you can use the challenge to boost your own visibility and give yourself a HUGE transformation in being seen, by going Live on your personal or business page...and sharing the video afterwards. 

And, you have complete freedom to mix this up throughout the 21 days.

Hi, I'm Julia
Nature Lover, Tree Hugger and Weaver of Magik!

After 10+ years in the sales industry, I now live to inspire a world where people are mutually thriving in life and business,
experiencing the joy and fulfillment of their creations,
I work with empowering leaders to boldly and authentically share their story
through liberation from conditioned programming
and embodiment of their true nature and essential genius
I love supporting emerging leaders who:

  • Have programs or services that change lives/communities and the planet
  • Care deeply for our beloved earth and all sentient beings.
  • Know that their business is bigger than them!

"Video Is The Future Of Media On The Web" ~ Forbes Magazine

It's no surprise that social media platforms are favoring this method of communication...the question is, ARE YOU? Click below to ignite your video journey.


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