Leading from a Round Table

We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” ~ J.K. Rowling


You are in a room filled with natural light and fresh air, possibly even outdoors.

You are one of several remarkable leaders, all comfortably seated at a beautiful round table.

At the center of the table is an object that signifies the shared vision ~ a clear, audacious flag planted in the ground that inspires and orients those present toward an outcome that betters the world in a meaningful way.

Photo by Francisco Ghisletti

Each person occupying a seat at this table…

  • brings a unique brand of genius to the table, which is essential to the shared vision being manifested;
  • sees the gifts and wisdom of every other person at the table;
  • feels seen, heard and valued for her presence there;
  • is intimately familiar with the sovereign power that flows through her, with no need to feel superior or inferior to anyone else;
  • is fueled by a desire to serve that stems from a place of wholeness, integration and abundance;
  • knows that her dharma is fully aligned with the group’s shared vision;
    is focused not only on the fulfillment of the initiative, but also on the flourishing of every person around the table; and
  • was led to the table through deep listening and saying yes to a calling, sensing that her presence would serve both her individual devotion and the essential purpose of the group.
image licensed via Shutterstock

At this round table, words are expressed when they add value to the discussion at hand. Listening and sensing is at least as important as speaking.

Actions that further the goals of the initiative move forward through self-organizing teams, including dynamic hierarchies that contribute to a specific purpose.

Governance is light-touch and nurturing from the bottom up.

The focus is inward to better serve outward, as opposed to the inverse.

Silos are dissolved in favor of co-creation, synergy and holopticism.

Wisdom is gleaned from nature, including universal principles of creation and regeneration. Growth happens in a scalable, fractal way that enhances rather than dilutes the essential purpose of serving a greater good.

The round table is a potent container, a living laboratory for play and experimentation. Failure is seen as progress that informs future endeavors.

Change is welcome as an essential component of a fluid, agile and responsive organism.

Dissolution of the group is seen as a cause for celebration ~ either because the shared vision has been fully manifested or, due to deep listening to the needs of the greater whole, the essential purpose has shifted in a way that warrants a reconfiguration.

The organization is a beacon of a new paradigm, dancing with the outer bounds of what was previously thought possible, showering hope and abundance over a parched land.

Photo by Jon Flobrant

Can you imagine?

Good! Because when you can imagine it, you have the power to make it real.
This is not a fantasy or some alternate-reality pipe dream. This is entirely possible … from right where you are … now.

Round-table leadership is the way of our future ~ a future in which leaders are in service to the greater whole, a future in which business exists as a force for good, contributing to a world of mutual thriving and prosperity for all who choose to experience it.

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