Sunshine Coast, Australia

I am a Magik Weaver, Tree Hugger, Water Custodian and Freedom Warrior from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Australia.

My Original Intention:

To inspire a world where everyone thrives in life and vocation,
experiencing the magik and fulfilment of their creations.

Working with emerging leaders to
tune into the subtle energies of their Original Intention, connect into the flow of nature and 
embody their essential genius, 

to joyfully and confidently share their initiatives with local communities and the world.


I grew up in a small farming community in central NSW, Australia.  I traveled and lived in most parts of Australia and has developed a deep connection with the lands and the energies from the original custodians.  

I have managed and directed my own sales and marketing company, co-founded a not-for-profit healing centre in Perth, worked in health and safety roles for governments and managed IT/software accounts for governments, nationals and multinationals in the private sector.

Earthday: 3 January

I value and appreciate: Nature, Family, Community, Courage, Liberty, Transparency, Sovereignty, Freedom, Playfulness, Love, Joy, Magik and Adventure.

Human Design: Manifesting-Generator 4/6 and I'm currently "on the roof"

Gene Keys Pearl Sequence: 38 Struggle ~ Perseverance ~ Honour 

Subtle Energy Activation

When I became aware of my Subtle Energy Activation, thanks to Dawn, I realised I had been subtly aware of this my whole life, but never considered it a gift!   Bringing it into my awareness has opened-up my world in ways I could never have imagined possible.

Subtle energies allows me to navigate what is an obstacle and how to clear the obstacle in any person and domain in life, especially in the key essentials to Grail Leadership, such as:

~ Your Natural Flow State,

~ Connecting With Your Original Intention,

~ Operating from Your Genius Zone, &

~ Following Your Joy Trail

When I am in presence of others and have seen this activation work it’s magik, both in Grail Leadership and in my world, particularly my coaching and relationships!

I absolutely love listening to your story, tuning-in and reflecting back to you an optimal pathway and solution that matches your soul's essence and frequency so you feel confident, excited and super aligned with what steps to take next, including how to turn the obstacle into an advantage and see it for what it is, a key theme and component of your journey.

My Defining Moment...

During my gap year between high school and university I started working in my first full-time job in a law firm in Bondi Beach. 

Within the first month, I had a mini-breakdown.  I had no idea at the time that this seemingly small experience was a key to my Original Intention!

You know those memories that never fade?

They mean something.

I began adding up the hours, over a period of my life and thought about all the wonderful and exciting experiences that I desired.  I looked at the average amount leave people had from an employer and quickly decided that the system robbed people of life, family time and their true creativity and genius.

I remember bawling my eyes out to my mum because I was being treated poorly by one of the partners and legal secretaries.  I had a huge rant about work, and life.  I screamed “how can this be it, you finish school, work nearly all of your life, suck up to your employers to get more money, but then you have to work harder and beg for time you wanted off work?  Then you retire when you’re too old to enjoy it all and die?”

My mum assured me that it’s not that bad when you find a job you really love.  Although I understood this may have been enough for her and respected that, I was sceptical that that would be enough for me. 

Even if I loved my job, I would still be trapped, I wouldn’t be truly free.

I was frustrated that other people could not or did not want to see this!

After travelling around Australia, I joined the sales industry, drawn to the idea of being my own boss, I worked on 100% commission for 6 years.  During that time, I trained new sales representatives, led teams and eventually incorporated her own sales company within a global franchise.

My 10+ years of experience in direct sales left me somewhat disillusioned with the sales and marketing industry, particularly with the use of manipulative and pushy selling tactics.  I realized there is a genuine need for ethical sales and visibility training.

Today I am set on building the world that I want to live in.  A huge key to achieving this is emerging leaders unlocking and operating from their genius zone, sharing their magik with the world.  With everyone operating from this place, many shared issues can be solved creatively and we can thrive in life and business. 

I love seeing people gain real freedom and sovereignty (if they choose to), so they are able to express their genius and enjoy their life, as opposed to being caught up in the cycle of surviving the rat-race.

I inspire you to tap into your genius zone and become a beacon of light for your message, which ignites the path of fulfilling your Original Intention.


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