Grail Leadership

Have you ever found yourself...

… feeling like the world is backwards, inside-out, and upside down?
... knowing there is a better way?
… working to bridge divides?
… doing things that are well outside of mainstream?
... being told you were too much? too idealistic? too optimistic? too unrealistic
... being told that your dreams and visions are too bold, too audacious, too ‘out there?’
... being told you are inspiring or courageous?
... being told you walk your talk?
... being told you lead from your heart?
... being the go-to person that your friends/family call on for help?
... tired of hierarchy, of being told what to do, or being put on a pedestal by others?
... dimming your light/power to stay in rapport with your friends/family?
... holding back on sharing deeper layers of your truth, concerned about how your message will land and the perceived consequences?
... eating, sleeping and dreaming about how you can contribute your gifts to the betterment of earth or humanity?

Yeah, us too...

Holly McCann

Founding Co-Creator
& Vision Whisperer


Julia McKeowen

Founding Co-Creator
& Subtle Energy Activator


Dawn Nocera

Founding Co-Creator
& Abundance Activator


Once upon a cosmic time...

a trio of impossibly optimistic souls agreed to go on journeys of forgetting & remembering, to find each other at this now moment, and together help write a new story ~ one where we get to live fully in sovereign unity & mutual thriving

And this is just the beginning...

A Cocreating Playfield

Grail Leadership is a playfield from the future we are weaving together ~ a space for visionary leaders, maverick leaders and emerging leaders to unleash our unique genius, co-create with other leaders around a round table, and be fully empowered and nurtured in making the impact we are here to make for humanity and the earth.

Our Original Intention

Illuminating, embodying and nurturing a world in sovereign unity by empowering impact-driven leaders, organizations and initiatives to fully contribute their unique gifts to humanity and the Earth by co-creating Sovereign United Networks of round tables that unleash mutual thriving and true prosperity through alignment of original intention, essential genius, and the flow of nature.

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