Subtle Energy Fine-Tune

2 hour consultation with Julia McKeowen

Create momentum to:

~ Be Fully Expressed, From Your Genius Zone

~ Align With Your Original Intention

~ Know Yourself As A Magikal Being!

What Are Subtle Energies?

Subtle Energies are the powerful driving force behind any experience, relationship or situation.  They are the finer inconspicuous energies, not always obvious at first, yet quietly operate in the background guiding everything.

They offer us a unique perspective from beyond surface level drama... you may recall an experience where you gained clarity from a grander perspective and were able to see the situation for what it really is?  These realisations create spaciousness for love, appreciation and compassion, allowing you to approach the situation in a refreshing new way, moving forward with joy, grace and excitement for what’s next!

Key themes ~ repeating threads from the tapestry of your life ~ are identified through the subtle energies, shining light on your Original Intention for your earthly adventure and providing pointers to who you are, your purpose and unique genius expression.

Anyone is able to tune-in to Subtle Energies and when you are in the presence of someone who's activation is "Subtle Energies", these are heightened, you receive a direct experience of what that's like and much can be revealed in a short space of time.


A Subtle Energy Fine-Tune is ideal for gaining forward momentum in any domain of your life, some examples are...

Business, Projects, Initiatives and Services:

  • You’re not quite sure what’s next with your idea or vision and how to go about it in a way that feels good and aligned with your values
  • Unable to build or launch a program, finish a sales page or email campaign, package your offer up, record a video… basically any type of important task because it feels forced or the method/process doesn't feel 'right'.
  • A lack of forward momentum in following through with ideas and visions, even when they feel aligned.

Relationships and Environments:

  • When you're curious about the deeper meaning of an encounter with another soul and feel some clarity can support the relationship.
  • When you have had an awkward or uncomfortable experience and not sure of the best way to re-harmonise the situation and create growth, love expansion and intimacy. 
  • When you are wanting a subtle energy reading on a particular environment, such as work, a relationship or situation so you know can make better choices, know what 'medicine' or Magik to bring and improve your overall experience.    

Life Direction, Purpose and Soul Expression:

  • When you are wanting a mirror to reflect back your subtle energies driving your life direction, such as the fulfilment of why we came to be here on Earth (Original Intention) and how you express this (Genius and/or Magik), so you can align with this and create more flow and fulfilment. 

What's Involved:

  1. Purchase your 2 hour Subtle Energy Session.
  2. Receive the Scheduling Link and book in a time that suits you.
  3. Optional: complete an activity beforehand at your leisure to support you in getting into the space before our deep dive. 
  4. Jump on for your session (held via Zoom) and let's see what Magik unfolds! 

Two of my highest values, Sovereignty and Empowerment, work their Magik during these sessions...

which are not just a Subtle Energy  reading, but an experience that reveals the art of Subtle Energies and how they feel for you (Sovereignty), so you can practice and build your trust in reading the Subtle Energies in your World (Empowerment)


Hi, I'm Julia
Nature Lover, Water Ally, Tree Hugger and Weaver of Magik!

I am building the world that I want to live in, a world where everyone thrives in life ~ in their relationships, creative expression, well being, health and business/career/purpose ~ experiencing the magik and fulfilment of their creations.

I work with leaders to tune into the subtle energies of their Original Intention for coming to Earth, aligning with the flow of nature and
embodying their essential genius, to joyfully and confidently share their initiatives with local communities and the world.

I love supporting emerging leaders who:

  • Have programs or services that change lives/communities and the planet
  • Care deeply for our beloved earth, her lands, waters and all sentient beings.
  • Know that their initiative or business is bigger than them!

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