Subtle Energy


Consultation with Julia McKeowen

Subtle Energy Fine~Tune

Consultation with Julia McKeowen

*express your natural genius

*remember your original intention

*know yourself as a magikal being

"subtle energies are the powerful driving force behind any experience, relationship, eco-system or situation. They are the finer inconspicuous energies ~ not always obvious at first ~ yet quietly operate in the background, guiding everything"

What's unfurling in your world?

Whether you are...

  • embarking on, or deep in a creative process, project or business,
  • calling forth a shift in a particular environment, ecosystem or relationship, 
  • learning to express from your Natural Genius,
  • or discovering your Original Intention for being here and co-creating with earth... 

listening and tuning into the subtle energies is a powerful way to gain insights and forward momentum in any aspect of your life.

These delicate energies provide a wealth of information ~ from a multi-dimensional perspective ~ around key themes showing up, ancient wounds you are alchemising from your universal journey and the bigger picture driving your unique experiences.

Becoming aware of the subtle energies reveals the major and more subtle key themes playing out in your world.  Suddenly, many events make complete body-sense as you connect with a deeper truth behind them.  This can allow you to take a big sigh of relief as you relax more into your personal journey.  And the beauty is, so much can shift when you are no longer in resistance to aspects of life!

What would it feel like to be witnessed?

Being truly seen, acknowledged and appreciated for who you are and what's emerging in your life can be a highly insightful and fulfilling experience.  In this space, the truth of who you are, your genius {that is wanting to be expressed} and your Original Intention {that's wanting to be fulfilled}, naturally emerges through the Subtle Energy Activation.

I'm here to witness you and what's alive in your world, in a private and intimate space that's 100% for you to experience your insights, inner~guidance and wisdom emerge.  This can create powerful shifts in:

  • areas of your life where you are wanting more flow, particularly in life purpose and creative pursuits.
  • your perception and awareness on a multiple dimensional level and where to direct your energy, and
  • your relationship with yourself and others as you uncover more of who you are.

The greater purpose of your most challenging circumstances are revealed so you can appreciate how they are helping you and alchemise the experience launching you into the next version of yourself ~ a deeper more authentic part of you that has more awareness of your true nature.

These sessions often leave people feeling great relief, clarity, confirmation and conviction about their life, including their current circumstances, and they discover ways to approach situations that feel unique, natural and so perfectly "them", beyond expectations and conditioning. 

"I release the thoughts, beliefs and stories that there is anything "wrong" with this or any moment...   I trust in myself completely and in the magik, flow & unfolding of my life...   As I move from resisting and judging what are "good" and "bad" experiences, I am free to express the best version of all major key themes playing~out and transform my mess into my magik".

What are Subtle Energies?

Subtle Energies are the powerful driving force behind any experience, relationship, ecosystem or situation. They are the finer inconspicuous energies ~ not always obvious at first ~ yet quietly operate in the background, guiding everything.

They offer a unique perspective beyond surface level drama... you may recall an experience where you gained clarity from a grander perspective and were able to see the situation for what it really is?  These realisations create spaciousness for love, appreciation and compassion, allowing you to approach the situation in a refreshing new way, moving forward with joy, grace and excitement for what’s next!

Key themes ~ repeating threads from the tapestry of your life ~ are identified through the subtle energies, shining light on your Original Intention for your earthly adventure and providing pointers to who you are, your purpose and unique natural Genius expression.

Anyone is able to tune-in to Subtle Energies and when you are in the presence of someone who's activation is "Subtle Energies", these are heightened, you receive a direct experience of what that's like and much can be revealed in a short space of time. 

What's Involved?

This is a Zoom video call and private session with me, Julia McKeowen.

Choose between a 2x hour Subtle Energy Session or a Subtle Energy Immersion, where we stay connected via 3 sessions over 6 weeks, whilst creating a powerful energetic container and intention for your journey. 

We will dive into what feels most "alive" for you in your world and what drew you to tune into the subtle energies. 

Through a powerful dialogue and co~creative experience, much will be uncovered allowing you to gain epic clarity, insights and realisations about key themes to support you in any domain in life. 

Once you purchase your session, you will receive my scheduling link to book a time that suits you.

Who benefits from these sessions?

Subtle Energy Sessions can be for anyone and for any reason, but I find that the people who benefit the most are those who:

  • are embarking on, or already deep a in project, business or creative process that is in alignment with their Original Intention and purpose for being here,
  • are on a journey of discovering their natural genius and wanting to express from that place, beyond old business and marketing paradigms, or
  • are looking for shifts in their major ecosystems, such as home and work environments, friends and relationships. 

Before booking, it's really important that you consider if you:

  • aspire to take responsibility for your life and experiences, and no longer feel comfortable staying in blame or victim-mindset.
  • are truly willing to look within, beyond your masks, titles and and persona.
  • have a desire to do the real deep inner work and are open to seeing your shadow aspects and "blindspots".
  • are comfortable working beyond this reality and potentially connecting with other beings and aspects of self {we don't always go there, but just in case!} 


Let's see what natural magik is unfolding in your world and creations :)

Subtle Energy Session



  • 2 Hour private Subtle Energy Session with Julia via video
  • Option to record for your future reference
  • Follow-up email check-in

Subtle Energy Immersion



  • 2 Hour Igniter Subtle Energy video Session with Julia
  • 2x 75min video sessions and option to record all sessions for future reference
  • Follow-up email check-in after each session