The Next Sacred Art of
Self-Appreciation Experience
October 13, 2020

21 Day Facebook Experience
For Visionary, Maverick, and Emerging Leaders, Edge Riders and Way Showers

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You Are Invited To The Next 
Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation: 
Guided Community Experience

You are invited to participate in a self-appreciation 21 Day active Facebook Group where you and others are actively sharing what you appreciate about yourself and reading posts or watching video posts from others who are doing the same.   See Details Below...

Hello!  My name is Dawn Nocera, and I've been on a journey of actively practicing self-appreciation daily since March 2014.  6 years!   I've experienced and witnessed the many ways self-appreciation changes the lives of everyone who actively practices appreciating themselves and being witnessed.  For me, I've learned to be kind to myself and to appreciate every emotion, every thought, every experience that I have in life.  I used to feel constant internal pressure and it made everything I did feel like a trap.  Now, I feel continuous freedom to be myself and to share my truth openly and vulnerably.  It is so liberating!   

I'm excited to help as many people as I can learn about the power of Self-Appreciation.   

The Power of Self-Appreciation

Self-Appreciation is the practice and art of growing in awareness of who you truly are and owning your unique genius: creating more self-sovereignty.   

Practicing self-appreciation (posting, being seen, and especially being witnessed) is an art of learning to be honest with yourself about the value you bring to the planet.  

When you truly appreciate yourself you begin to witness what is real and true for you - beyond the expectations of others and beyond societal "rules."

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is the work we do when we want to get to know ourselves at the deepest layers of our being.     

This involves giving yourself FULL permission to brag, boast, and celebrate the gift you are to the world, and to appreciate your emotional experiences that are a natural and organic part of living life fully.    

Through self-appreciation we can reclaim energy that we give away when we compare ourselves to others at any level. 

As we love and appreciate ourselves more consciously through our written and spoken words, we create a powerful regenerative energy and an environment for mutual thriving.   We fuel ourselves and others by practicing self-appreciation with authenticity, vulnerability, and truth.  

The word "appreciation" literally means "an increase in the value of something".  When you begin to see yourself through the eyes of appreciation you begin to see the value of the world around you. 

The real work and practice of self-appreciation is in learning to appreciate ourselves while being witnessed, and without attachment to how others will perceive us.  

The Deeper Truth of Appreciating Yourself

Watch Dawn's video about the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation and the Origin Story behind how this practice came about.


Self-Appreciation is About YOU!

This 21 Day Guided Experience will support you in creating a deeper connection with Source Energy.  This can be especially helpful while interacting with family dynamics and Holiday conditioning that can feel off-path or out of alignment with your deeper truth. 

You will be supported and guided as the year 2019 and the decade come to completion and your relationship with yourself grows through self-appreciation.

It's Perfect If You: 

  • Want to gain tools to help you stay in your own energy while surrounded by other people.  (It's the holidays, this can be tough for some.)  
  • Are looking to activate more truth and self-expression in the world around you (a natural result of doing the work of self-appreciation).
  • Want to overcome your fears or resistance to being vulnerable or showing up fully in your power without expectations or worrying about what others will think.
  • Are aware that you might be holding back your truth, wisdom, or energy in some way, but you can't 'figure it out' on the mental plane.  
  • Want to discover what it means to be "free to be yourself" beyond conditioning, expectations, or social programming.
  • Desire to connect with your truth and sovereignty at deeper levels.
  • Want to expand your self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Both vital to self-sovereignty.

“In every experience, there is either a conditioned way to respond or a liberated way”…and the practice of self-appreciation is key to amplifying what’s possible, beyond conditioning."   

What's Involved Daily…

  1. Watch my Daily Live Videos in the Facebook Group (21 in Total) 
  2. For 21 days you will be posting daily into a private facebook community (a safe and sacred space to be witnessed) what you appreciate about yourself.  You can either write a post,  do a  live video in the group  or upload a video. You can post anytime day or night. 
  3. I recommend that you briefly view posts (written or video) from the other participants and support them through your witnessing and engagement.  Witnessing others and being witnessed in your self-appreciation creates a powerful space for receiving. 

The Power of Community

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is work that is done in community. 

There is massive life-affirming power in being witnessed.  When you have a community around you who are also self-appreciating and can witness what you appreciate about yourself without judgment, and without trying to fix their perception of you, mutual thriving is a natural result.  

I found a definition of community that rings true to me.  Community is a state of being in which a group of individuals (sovereign beings) care about each other and feel like they belong together(united).  To me community is  space where there is no 'authority' figure, where shared values create a sense of belonging, not rules or structure.   I also believe that caring about each other is a natural result of sharing ourselves with others.   

Within the Facebook community, as you gain wisdom and insight about the work and practice of Self-Appreciation, you are invited to share openly so the entire community can benefit from the growing body of wisdom.  


The support you will receive from me:

  • Daily video guidance to support you in posting what you appreciate about yourself.   
  • Guidance and encouragement to help you dig a little deeper, being seen, heard and witnessed as you share from your heart.
  • Guidance on what true self-appreciation feels like as opposed to what you think it should look like. 

The support you will receive from each other:

  • Authentic witnessing and space for what you appreciate about yourself to emerge.
  • Open mindedness and unconditional witnessing without trying to fix each other.
  • A community of fellow participants that can hold space for your sovereign energy to emerge during your 21 day journey.

From you, we request:

  • Your presence daily, as we want to witness who you are without expectation or judgment.
  • To honor the commitment to yourself and do your best to share what you appreciate about yourself every day for 21 days AND connect with others through your witnessing.
  • An OPEN MIND and an OPEN HEART.  The truth of what we really appreciate about ourselves varies vastly.  We are unique and magical Creator Beings with unique desires, life experiences, and impact.  

These Are Things You May Experience: 

  • A HUGE mindset and energetic shift from appreciating what you DO in the world to who you ARE BEING.
  • Connecting with the energy and wisdom of self-appreciation and share your own experiences, insights, and "aha's" on what self-appreciation means to you.  
  • Sharing authentically and naturally from the Heart.
  • Sharing what you appreciate about yourself without projecting how others will respond.
  • What true support feels like in a community.


The Next Experience Begins on October 13, 2020

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Available until October 4, 2020

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Daily Video Guidance  

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Daily Video Guidance And Prompts for Self-Appreciation (You can follow the prompts or go rogue!)

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You may be wondering...

Well, no, you don't "have" to do anything you don't want to...and you'll benefit wildly when you show up for yourself.  

It also stretches you to turn up when you don't feel like it so you are able to appreciate ALL sides of you (even we your not feeling your best!) This is key to creating an authentic relationship with yourself and breaking free from conditioning and programming about what you think you 'should' appreciate about yourself instead of connecting to what you truly value about who you are.  

AND Going Live (or simply posting) daily helps you build the habit of appreciating yourself through the highs and the lows of life. 

It builds your ability to trust your emotions and value then for their truth and wisdom.   

This journey is about YOU! 

NO you don't HAVE to go Live or Post every day for 21 days, this is 100% up to you (I'm not a big fan of rules!).

If you have already completed a SASA experience with me,  you may feel called to deeper levels of awareness about yourself and sharing more intimately to stretch your own comfort zone and role model the practice of self-appreciation at the same time.

No experience is necessary!

In the past SASA has been experienced through written posts where members share what they appreciate about themselves. 

Over the past year I've felt called to invite people to share their self-appreciation via Live Videos as a next level deeping of their experience of Self-Appreciation. 

Sovereignty is all about being in choice and choosing how you show up.  The invitation is to post in a way that feels 'right' for you, and at the same time clearly shares a glimpse of what you appreciate about yourself.  

This is about you expanding and activating your own energy, so do what feels the most expansive and true to you.   

  1. A smartphone or a computer that you can post written self-appreciations, or record videos and upload or simply go Live.
  2. An active Facebook Account
  3. An open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to share your deepest truths while witnessing others sharing theirs.  

The choice is yours!

You can experience the entire challenge in a safe and sacred space (a closed Facebook Community) and no-one outside of this Self-Appreciation community can see the posts or videos/Lives that you post within the group.

Alternatively you can use the experience to boost your vulnerability and truth, by going Live or posting on your personal or business page...and sharing the video or written post in our Facebook group afterwards. 

And, you have the freedom to dance with the full expression of self-appreciation in any way that feels right to you throughout the 21 days.

Hi, I'm Dawn
Serious Maverick and Truth Activator.

After 10+ years in the personal development and coaching industry, I now live to activate a world where people are thriving and sharing their unique genius in life and business to make the impact they want to make in the world.  

I love supporting Mavericks who:

  • Know they are on the planet at this time to change the game we are playing and to make an epic impact.  
  • Care deeply about autonomy, freedom, truth and unconditional love for each other and the earth.
  • Know that their presence on the planet at this time is about something much bigger than themselves!

"What has shifted for me with doing the self-appreciation daily postings is gaining more confidence in sharing myself with others without apology or diminishment."
~ Pamelah Landers, Relationship Expert & Master Hand Analyst

"And that is yet another reason why self-appreciation is so important. It helps us to see how strong we are, to see that we can withstand danger and challenges, and ultimately to see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself – the fear we create in our own minds. That allows us to trust more and to let down those fences (or expand them wider and wider). It allows us to Surrender to Receiving!"
~ Holly McCann, Futurist & Visionary at Grail Leadership

"Since practicing self-appreciation, I experience my days starting in higher and higher vibrations. I am living in a state of allowing more and more vs. the old push and try modality. My days flow with grace, joy & harmony." 
~ Sarachele Jarvis, Soul Activator & Artist  

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