Appreciating the Sovereignty of Water


We are Sovereign Beings,
in ally-ship and co-creation with a Sovereign Planet.

You are invited to remember, acknowledge and appreciate the sovereignty of Australian lands and water systems,
on behalf of Earth, each other, our ancestors and future generations.


Imagine you are one of thousands of people gathered in peace around issues affecting water systems.  Envision us appreciating the water that flows through our physical bodies and the countless ways water serves us in our daily lives. Imagine us feeling how that same water element connects us to the Earth and appreciating the water that flows freely through her body, too.

Imagine us appreciating our individual freedoms as sentient beings, to choose what happens to our bodies and appreciating Earth’s freedom to do the same.

This is how we stand as allies for the sovereignty of Australia’s water systems.

There’s no need to bury our heads in apathy or overwhelm. 
There's no need to fight against anything, defend or try to control a specific outcome.

Perhaps we are instead being asked to be in true relationship, in allyship, with water ~ standing in our own sovereignty as advocates for her, fostering optimal outcomes for all sentient beings and ecosystems.

Without the need to impose our beliefs on another, we instead offer our support for the optimal outcome to occur and freely express our individual desires, even ~ and especially ~ if our desires conflict!

After all, we are unique individuals with countless ideas about how water could or should be managed ~ yet, how can we ever know from our limited perspective what is best for the planet and her inhabitants?

We can't know for sure.
What can we do with what we do know? 

We can form a field of appreciation, unconditional love and acceptance ~ for ourselves, each other & Earth.

We can uphold an unwavering trust in every individual and humanity, that as more people gather who hold the whole community in their hearts, the frequency generated creates a powerful field, reinforcing the sovereignty and power of each human, community, sentient being and ecosystem, and ensures all that is true for our collective journey unfolds, as it is so.

This is a powerful place from which meaningful decisions regarding water management which have social, cultural, environmental, commercial and political implications can be made. 

This is how we unite, not as one, rather an amalgamation of unique individuals and entities with unique desires and together we effect change for our waterways, in a way that is optimal for all concerned.

This is how we connect to our true nature and reclaim our power and through us, how Earth reclaims hers.

That which affects us all has the potential to unite us all, as sovereign beings.

Appreciating the Sovereignty of Water


Here is a description of my proposed Round Table Initiative.

Name: Julia McKeowen

Email address: [email protected]

City, State, Country: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

InitiativePlease provide the name and a brief description of your initiative.

"Appreciating the Sovereignty of Water"

{watch this space as I'm working on the "brief" part, hello copywriters!}

In the interim, below is a more detailed overview.

Our lands and waterways are experiencing increasing dry and drought conditions, along with the serious mismanagement of water, including private damming, floodplain farming, pollution and fracking... affecting our artisan basins, floodplains, lakes, rivers and springs.  This has serious implications for:

  • water access and quality,
  • varying ecosystems, flora and fauna,
  • farming, rural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and
  • agriculture and food production in Australia, affecting everyone!

Over time, we have gradually given more of our water sovereignty and power to authorities and companies and although the situation may appear dire, the silver lining is ~ this exact experience is helping us remember our true nature as sovereign, empowered people!

This is not about taking positions of power and authority over water resources, but to move beyond power struggles and work in with the flow of nature, rather than attempting to control it, which is futile. 

As such, an invitation awaits for individuals and communities to reconnect with their true nature as Allies of Earth and to acknowledge and appreciate the sovereignty of her lands and water systems, on behalf of Earth, each other, our ancestors and future generations.


The Murray Darling Basin is 1,059,000 square km, making up 14% of the entire of Australia's land area, it is 7th largest catchment on the planet. The lower part of the basin ~ affecting New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia ~ is dry, with severe low water levels, poor water quality and blue-green algae. Approximately 1500 kilometers of these riverbeds are no longer flowing, the driest state in recorded history. This can drastically affect the conditions required to produce rain, potentially contributing to a drought and severely dry weather conditions.

A report from The Australia Institute rejects claims made by ministers that new dams are not being built, stating that at least 20 to 30 large private dams have been constructed in the Murray-Darling basin recently, saying “it appears that just two of these dams cost taxpayers nearly $30 million”. The private use of water severely impacts rural towns and small farming operations.

Another practice, “floodplain harvesting”, is negatively impacting Australia’s waterways. This is where water is taken before it can reach river systems. In natural floodplain areas, the trees are killed, the ground is levelled, and huge embankments are installed to prevent the flow of water back into the river systems.

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) in Australia is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, containing a vast volume of underground water (estimated at 64,900 million megalitres).  It makes up 22% of the entire continent and covers over 1.7 million square kilometres.  It underlies parts of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory and a vital resource for pastoral, agricultural, extractive industries town water supply and springs - which support unique ecological communities.

The water is around 2 million years, making it much easier to extract this resource, far faster than it is naturally replenished.

This basin has already experienced the heavy loss of ground water and which is likely to only exceed.  For example, the QLD government is allowing the Adani mine to access the groundwater and suck out at least 270 billion litres over the life of the mine.  This is a huge risk to aquifers to ancient springs, wetlands and pristine oasis of the Great Artesian Basin ~ which is the sole water source for most of rural Queensland and plays a Significant role in the lives and culture of indigenous people.  The mine will also be able to dump polluted wastewater into the Carmichael River.

The Great Artesian Basin, Australia

The largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, making up 22% of Australia's land mass and holds an estimated 64 900 million megalitres

Water is being used for private industrial agribusiness and mining against the will of many people and communities.  This is greatly impacting ecosystems and the quality and flow of water to people, farms and through rural communities.

Under Australia’s Constitution, residents have a right to water for conservation or irrigation:

“The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters or rivers for conservation or irrigation.” ~ Section 100 of The Australian Constitution

Many residents are not aware of this section in our constitution.

The focus of this initiative:

Is for the sovereignty of water and Earth, and to focus our energy on this, not what we are against.  This is about dissolving barriers and walls between people who have differing opinions and ideas about how water could or should be managed. 

I see peaceful gatherings, non-verbal communication and empowerment, as opposed to using force through activism and protesting.  People can gather to stand in silence, and in their power, tuning into and appreciating the sovereignty of the water, people and all sentient beings.

I envision these gatherings to be unique… peaceful and subtly powerful with "I Am Sovereign" and/or "Water Is Sovereign" message clearly displayed {perhaps in large messages in dry riverbeds}, so there is no need to speak, yell chants or use force in any way.  

This is not about labelling what is the right or wrong way to be in relationship with water, nor to blame companies, governments or communities for what they are doing or not doing.  We are moving beyond the drama and calling forth a new paradigm of working together.  I see Round Tables for appreciating the sovereignty of water, perhaps around specific local, national or global water issues.  They can equally share their fears, desires, judgements, and beliefs around how water can be managed.

Any and all stakeholders are welcome {community members, indigenous community members, farmers, environmentalists and local government, mining, agri-business, spring water company representatives}.  This is how we hold space for all to be witnessed and see what unfolds when individuals desires {as conflicting as they may be} are shared into the field, dedicated to that particular issue.  We can honestly express what we desire to happen, but also know that we are are trusting in the sovereignty of water, to flow and be where it chooses, as the shared vision. 

Finding a "Beyond Solution":

Attempts to blame and fight perceived perpetrators requires a huge amount of energy, resources and resilience, and doesn't guarantee lasting change.  People can rise-up in opposition and affect change, but any change gained through force is often as good as the current government.  When new powers come to be, they can undo the work and all our efforts thwarted. 

This is the illusion of using force to control an outcome, it’s a temporary taste of power and lasts as long as the winds blow in the same direction.  True power is eternal and doesn't rely on force or control.

Our future is one where we have relinquished the need to control our personal lives, others, groups of people, nature and any other entities.  We embrace letting go of the need to control rather than fearing it, knowing that we are eternally powerful.  In fact, it is a joyous and fulfilling experience to allow the flow of nature to direct outcomes.

“When the time comes that we see our true nature as a collective holistic human family, the need to control life will cease. Ultimately, the ones who will be given positions of control will be those who have given up being in control. Those people are our future leaders.” ~ Richard Rudd {Gene Key 21}

What lies beyond force and control with regards to Water Sovereignty of Australian Ecosystems?

This Grail Leadership Round Table Initiative: Appreciating the Sovereignty Water is a quantum leap beyond:

  • what is right or wrong or who’s to blame
  • turning a blind-eye to our reality
  • protesting and demanding change, as we know it
  • the place of ‘action’ versus ‘inaction’
  • the contrasting reactions of ‘activism’ versus ‘apathy’

What do I mean by Sovereignty?

To ‘reign’ ‘over’, the power to oversee your personal authority and independence.

It is your autonomy, freedom and liberty to be self-governing,
and to embody what is true for you and your universal journey

An important extension I feel is missing from common definitions is this…
to be sovereign in oneself is to instinctively recognise and cherish another entity’s sovereignty as well. This can include people, a country or perhaps even Earth herself.

At face value, Private Water Damming, Floodplain Farming, fluoridation of drinking water and pollution of water systems is an attempt to control the use and flow of water, nature, the health, wealth and vitality of people, communities and industry… and a force that is imposing on our sovereignty and the sovereignty of the water systems.  

And from a broader all-encompassing view, the fact that this is happening means that at some point, Earth agreed to this and so did we.  As the people resist, fight back or attempt to control outcomes, we are playing into the same game as the perpetrators and unknowingly disregard the sovereignty and wishes of Earth, and the lands and waters of Australia.  The way through this is to create an initiative that connects us to our sovereignty and the sovereignty of all other entities.

Appreciating the Sovereignty of Water Initiative:

Through appreciating the element of water, we appreciate and amplify what brings us life and all the elements, including Earth herself.  By appreciating our personal sovereignty and the sovereignty of her journey, we tune into true power and the flow of nature, rather than focusing on making something wrong and needing to control or fix it.

This evolutionary approach is a bridge to a paradigm where our sovereignty, what is true for us and our journey, and the sovereignty of mother earth and her waters is expressed. We release attachment to outcomes... of how things “have to” or “must be done”, this is the nature of true power, and how we affect lasting change that is optimal for all concerned.

We know that we cannot and will never be able to control nature, people, governments and any outcomes.  This can be challenging to accept, for those wanting to see and affect change and force specific outcomes.  Instead of measuring outcomes of this initiative, which can never accurately be predicted nor controlled, we are entering a new paradigm of unconditional love and acceptance, where we exercise our ability to trust in a greater plan and the unique role that each person plays… and anything that is not in alignment with that will naturally shift to what is.

We stand for the sovereignty of ourselves and all other entities for the true organic path to unfold.  If our waters are released back into the flow of nature, so be it. If they remain dammed and farmed for reasons we cannot yet see, so be it.

Being held in this space we thrive and flourish beyond both activism and apathy.

Impact: How does your initiative contribute to the mutual thriving of people and/or the Earth?

This initiative contributes to the mutual thriving of people and/or the Earth by providing an avenue for people to channel their passion and energy into something empowering.

It provides a field for people to explore how the illegal farming, damming and selling of our water impacts us collectively, personally and multidimensionally.

This initiative can bring public and media attention to the breech in section 100 of the Australian Constitution.

We go within and focus on standing in our power, in peace and appreciating the sovereignty of the Earth and her waters.     

We can practice the Sacred Art of Appreciation as a method to amplify our power and sovereignty.

Appreciation of the water, Australia’s sovereignty, of the collective experience we are going through. 

It can help us explore the multi-dimensional nature to everything including the relationship to water.

And spread awareness that we are in our rights to question this and remind the governments of section 100 of Australia’s Constitution.

This is a model that can be used for anything where people want to come together and affect lasting change for any community.

ScaleIs this a Round Table initiative or a Sovereign United Network initiative?

Initially this is a Round Table Initiative and then it will likely morph into a SUN, due to the type of stakeholders which will likely be organisations.

PhaseWhat phase best describes your initiative/organization currently?

This is currently at an idea stage with promising glimpses of the larger vision!

A Community event is planned for Water Allies in the Sunshine Coast of Australia in March 2020.

Original IntentionPlease describe as best you can right now the Original Intention of your initiative.

Appreciating the Sovereignty of the Water and ourselves in community

and deepening our relationship to water,

we unite people through an issue that connects us all

By providing a healthy avenue for people to do something about things that deeply disturb them 

we call forth a new relationship to power,

that creates lasting change in the best interests of all sentient beings and earth.

Your roleWhat is your current role in the initiative/organization?

Visionary & Catalyst

Communicating the essence of the vision and Original Intention, to remind others {who are mostly yet to be known} and put the call out that it's time to take their seat at the Round Table!

Organising and Facilitating Water Allies events online and in person on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Essential GeniusWhat is your Essential Genius that you are bringing to the round table?

  • Communication, Visibility, Marketing, Video promotion.
  • Authentic sharing that can effectively translate the Original Intention and inspire people to come together and take actions.
  • Feeling into the subtle energies and shadow aspects to notice anything out of alignment with the OI, or needs to be spoken into to move forward.

Additional Seats at the Round TableAre other people currently involved in your organization? If yes, please share a brief overview of their roles and/or the governance of your organization.

Holly McCann, Boulder, Colorado ~ activates safety and security

Dawn Nocera, Ohio ~ activates unconditional love and the truth of abundance

Both Holly and Dawn are Founding Co-Creators of Grail Leadership.  Our organization is a round table of sovereign unity, where we are share resources and revenues using a Spiral Revenue Sharing model.

Carly Bell, North Brisbane, Australia ~ activates emotional vulnerability

Carlee Modra, Sunshine Coast Australia ~ activates truth

Synergistic organizationsWhat other organizations are impacting and/or impacted by your initiative (contributing, connected, meeting a related need, etc.)?

These are the organizations that I see as participants in the round table, Sovereign United Network:

  • Traditional Land Owners
  • Current landowners and Farmers
  • Rural Communities
  • Anyone affected by drought and dry conditions
  • Environmental and cultural groups
  • Local Police
  • Politicians
  • Local Councils
  • Mining Companies CEOs
  • Large-scale agribusiness CEOs

What’s in the wayWhat are the current disguised opportunities (aka challenges and/or limiting beliefs) you see that may be impeding the flow of nature in your initiative?

Nothing at this stage, we are full-speed ahead!

Needs & DesiresAs best as you can see right now, what are the key areas of Genius (in individuals and/or organizations), resources, and/or support that you want/need to attract to be able to fulfill the Original Intention of your initiative?

  • Messengers and Influencers
  • A thriving and passionate Round Table full of genius!
  • Copy writer
  • Social media lovers, especially anyone who can ignite a global movement 
  • Film (cinematography, producer/director, editing, still photography)
  • Aboriginal Elders and Farmers local to the Sunshine Coast
  • Environmental, ecosystem and water management experts

What else?Please add any images, links to web pages and/or attachments that help tell the story of your initiative.

Example of Floodplain harvesting in Australia

Dead fish in Murray-Darling Basin caused by mismanagement

Groundwater decline in Australia

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Stay in the Conversation

If you are feeling called to know more about this Round Table Initiative, you are welcome to stay in touch and receive updates about Water Ally-ship, and events or gatherings.


I'm so excited to connect with you fellow Water Ally!